Tidy up your EV cable

Hang it straight from the ceiling to the car


No more damaged cable

No more tripping hazard on the floor


Avoid tripping

Don’t trip over your charge cable! Walking to your car should be safe.

Protect cable

Avoid dangerous wear and expensive damage to your cable that happens over time if the cable is on the floor.

Faster plug-in

Chargehanger helps you to plug your car in faster. No need to roll and unroll the cable. Taking the mobile charge cable out of the hanger for a trip is also very fast.

Tidy up your garage

Keep your garage neat and ordered. No cable on the floor, or in the way. Cable does not get dirty sweeping on the floor.

With the first electric cars, 100 Years ago, came the hassle of the charge cable. It was just laid on the ground.


Evolution takes time. It needed a lot of time and also a little spark.

And, in 2020, the cable finally went up in the air.


Chargehanger is a simple cable management system for People who charge their electric vehicle at home.

It passes the charging cable overhead so you avoid damaging or stumbling on the cable.

The cable is nicely stowed on the side when not in use, and deployed quickly in a one-hand operation.


Existing charging home stations and cables are provided with a long cable, and a hook to hold the cable when not in use.

This is not ideal, as the cable will lay on the floor when in use. The cable can be stepped on, damaged, or become a stumbling hazard. Chagehanger shows how to do it better.

Chargehanger is composed of an arm hinged off a plate, and a separate plug holder.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel. Chargehanger is compatible with any wallbox or mobile charging brick.

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